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White Rabbit


General information

"White Rabbit". It is a medium sized new club on Lucky Street (Chaoyang Gongyuan Xi Lu). The venue features quality underground music and is run by Beijing's most influential techno DJ Yang Bing and BaiCai member Donald Summer. This club has one room with live music and one with all kinds of dance music like house, techno, drum and bass, dub, reggae, dubstep etc.


White Rabbit Club is designed by DJs for DJs. It has operated as the base camp for underground electronic music in Beijing since 2007. It is a medium-size venue set inside a 2-story industrial basement on Lucky Street. The club’s quality range of music, subtle atmosphere, and out-of-the-way intimate space has made it the ideal meeting place for the city’s die-hard electronica community.

White Rabbit was established by Beijing rave scene pioneer, Yang Bing, with the visionary aid of Swedish artist and promoter, Thomas Gaestadius. Connected through a circle of DJs and mutual friends, the idea for the club originated quite naturally. Although Yang Bing and Thomas come from two different sides of the world, they share the same passion for electronic music in a variety of styles.

White Rabbit functions mainly as a live music studio open to the public. Its dual rooms have served as the playground of both local and international artists and producers. Its reputation as Beijing’s exclusive underground dance club is built on the fact that White Rabbit Club showcases the most innovative artists the capital has to offer.

Words about White Rabbit club

Shortly after the club’s opening, TimeOut Magazine (Beijing) welcomed it as “a beacon of hope, shining brightly from the dark bowels of Lucky Street” and the China Daily ushered it as a venue “made for electronic music lovers with a non-stop nocturnal passion for dancing.”

When DJ Navarro from San Francisco arrived at White Rabbit, he noted that it was like “a breath of fresh air compared to China’s ‘super’ clubs. It was dark, minimal and one of the only clubs where the dj can play what he wants. Even though it was a last minute booking the crowd was there ready to move their ass!”

Recently the BBC asked Mental Overdrive what “is really the best club in the world?” His answer was: “The White Rabbit in Beijing is a very nice little club that I just had a fantastic time playing a few weeks back.”

And amidst receiving good ratings and remarks in various other travel publications, The Insider’s Guide to Beijing 2008 Edition listed White Rabbit as the “reflection of Beijing’s electronica scene subculture through the looking glass.”

Nightlife awards

The Beijinger Magazine – 2008 Reader’s voted White Rabbit “Best Electronic Music”, “Best Place to Dance”, “Most Innovative”. Editor’s pick for “Best After Hours Spot”.

City Weekend Magazine – 2008 Reader’s voted White Rabbit “Outstanding Dance Club” Editor’s pick for “Best New Club”.

Further information

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