Wonderful Day (The Life Journey)

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General information

Wonderful Day
Artist The Life Journey
English title Wonderful Day
Publisher Modern Sky Records
Date of release 2011
Release Type CD
Catalogue Number M055
Languages on Record English / Chinese
This is a record which could be a CD, LP, tape, digital netdownload or any other kind of collection of music. For a more precise definition, see Category:Records.




Track Listing

  1. 天上人间(Intro)
  2. 行人要走斑马线
  3. 利物浦
  4. Our Monday Is Free
  5. 柳江
  6. 厦门之夏
  7. 岛屿
  8. 残酷青春
  9. Marry
  10. 80
  11. Wonderful day

Further Information

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