Wood Woud Would (Empylver)

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Wood Woud Would

General information

Artist: Empylver

Record Company: Dying Empylver Records

Recorded: 2006, July


  • 1.The Summer (Day of Rising Doom)
  • 2.Old Boy
  • 3.Dead Brook (Who Will Arise and Go)
  • 4.Sail to Kajamin
  • 5.The Autumn (Moonlight)
  • 6.Died in Finland
  • 7.The Winter
  • 8.Castle in the Air
  • 9.Requiem
  • 10.Another Piece of Wood (Part I)
  • 11.Another Piece of Wood (Part II)
  • 12.The Soroerer's Carnival
  • 13.Battle with Kajamin
  • 14.The Spring (God Sits Nearby)

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