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Wu & The Side-Effects

Wu & The Side-Effects, 吴的反作用 Beijing Blues / Funk / Psychedelic Rock band


Line Up

  • Guitars, Vocals - Wu Kejia (呉可嘉, ex-Easy Going, ex-Misandao)
  • Bass - Checo (Mexico)
  • Drums - Moritz (Germany)


Live at D-22

Some call it Psychedelic, some Acid, some Crossover - in any case, one of Beijing's most energetic and exceptional live acts.

Ningxia songwriter and (guitar) hero Wu Kejia (fmr. Easygoing) teamed up with Checo Fernandez (Chocho Maldito, Mr. Mojo) and Mo Mang (can balance a spoon on his nose) to bring some serious rock music to Beijing's live venues.As one of the regulars at 2Kolegas and frequently rocking D22 as well as Mao, Wu & the Side Effects are definitely adding some new spice to the local music scene.

Formed in 2008.

September 18th they performed in the Mao Live during the 第五届北京朋克音楽節 event.

October 18th they performed in the D-22.

October 31st they performed in the 2 Kolegas during their Halloween event.

2009-10-31 @ 22:00 : 2 Kolegas (with DH & Chinese Hellcats, Free The Birds (Ziyo), YACHT)

2009-11-07 @ 22:00 : D-22 (with Lazy Camels, Autumn Today, Old Fashion)

2009-11-27 @ 22:00 : 2 Kolegas (with Nucleus, Buyi Band)

2009-12-04 @ 20:30 : MAO Livehouse (with Rolling Rolling, Alt Senior, Acid Live, DH & Chinese Hellcats)

2009-12-05 @ 22:00 : 2 Kolegas (with Candy Monster, The Reason)

2009-12-12 @ 21:30 : Jianghu Bar (with Zhang Si'an)

2009-12-18 @ 22:00 : 2 Kolegas (with Nucleus, Buyi Band)

2010-01-09 @ 21:30 : Jiangjinjiu Bar

2010-01-14 @ 21:00 : Yugong Yishan (with The Amazing Insurance Salesmen)

2010-01-15 @ 22:00 : 2 Kolegas (with Nucleus, Buyi Band)

2010-01-16 @ 21:30 : Old What? Bar

2010-01-23 @ 22:00 : 2 Kolegas (with The Amazing Insurance Salesmen, Free The Birds (Ziyo))

2010-01-30 @ 22:00 : D-22 (with The Offset: Spectacles, Rolling Rolling)

2010-03-13 @ 21:30 : Jianghu Bar

2010-04-10 @ 22:00 : 2 Kolegas (with Nucleus, Buyi Band)

2010-04-17 @ 22:00 : D-22 (with Golden Driver, The Molds, Birdstriking, Hedgehog)

Sat 8th May @ 22:00 : 2 Kolegas (with Buyi Band, Nucleus)

On June 24th, 2011, they performed at the dazeFEAST 2011 one-day festival, which took place at the 2 Kolegas in Beijing organized by Beijing Daze.According to Beijing Gig Guide[1]:

Next up was Wu and the Side Effects, who were just per­fect for this show. They rocked out so well and had such a blast doing it that it was infec­tious. I always have fun at their shows, and this was no dif­fer­ent. Their energy was up there with the audience’s, which had swollen with an influx of peo­ple as the night wore on. They had a great set, and reports were that every­one was ask­ing for CDs after the show.

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