Wuhan Punk 7" (SMZB)

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General Information

Artist: SMZB
Title: Wuhan Punk
Release Date: 2001
Label: Nasty Vinyl, Germany
Type: 7" Vinyl
Catalog No.:
Language: English

Track Listing

This Side:

  1. Chinese Music
  2. Save Indite Association

Other Side:

  1. Pornographic War
  2. Gamecock


Chinese Music

do you like chinese music?
i dont like chinese music
do you like chinese soccer?
i dont like chinese soccer
do you like chairman Jiang Zheming?
i don't like chairman Jiang Zheming
i want to fuck chairman Jiang Zheming
fuck Jiang Zheming asshole

Pornographic War

we want to fight against you face to face
we would rather that the place where we are living is a battlefield
but every time the result of our war is like masturbation
we cant care for this much too
as long as it can make me comfortable
we are taking up a pornographic war
with make me feel stimulated an excited
we need that Larry Flint
the will of fight need to be stimulated out of people

Additional Explanation on the Cover Sleeve

It was in the year 1995/96 China Punk music became into being in Beijing and Wuhan and not long ago it began to become prosperous. Nowadays in China just two cities are mentionable about it (Beijing and Wuhan) and have just more than 10 Punk bands. Most of the band members haven't got any jobs and sometimes it is really difficult to get enough money for a band to conduct performance far from local places. The earnings from ticket fares are mostly not sufficient for the traveling fees. With help of parents and friends we nearly can keep our bodies and souls together and we are fairly optimistic.

The circumstances for Punk music now turn up to be better and gradually more youth will join us. That is what we are looking forward to and will bring us a log of encouragement and material.

SMZB is the firs Wuhan Punk band. The songs on this EP are from 1997 to 2000. They were recorded in a local studio and the fee was totally afforded by ourselves.

SMZB would like to show our appreciation to: our parents, all the friends including the friend known from Internet - it's you who bring us information and help us a lot. And also my appreciation for the bands I like - it's you who give us a lot of inspiration.

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