X.T.X (XTX & Cold Blooded Animal)

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General Information

Artist: XTX & Cold Blooded Animal
Title: X.T.X
Release Date: 2005, March 04
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: Chinese

Track Listing

  1. 冷血动物
  2. 阿诗玛
  3. 向阳花
  4. 约定的地方
  5. 再次来临
  6. 下落不明
  7. 琴弦之歌
  8. 是谁把我带到了这里
  9. 剔剔牙


  • (c) that's Beijing Magazine Online, Alice Wang, May 15, 2005

After four years in the works, Xie Tianxiao and Cold Blooded Animal's highly anticipated second album, X.T.X, has finally come out. Tianxiao's trademark screeching guitars and tortured Cobain-esque screaming are still there, but in controlled doses: The new album's over-all sound is more rooted in folk than grunge - with most of the tracks sounding simple and smooth, save for the the rambunctiously cathartic last song "Picking Teeth." Buyi's Zhang Wei adds a traditional Chinese twist with his characteristic guzheng and Xie Tianxiao still sings with his unmistakably Shandong accent.


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