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X is Y is a Math Rock, Post Rock, Rock artist in Shanghai, originally from Shanghai.

General information about X is Y


X is Y, In front of LUNE 2011 05 21, photo (c) X is Y Facebook

English Name X is Y
Genre Math Rock, Post Rock, Rock
Origin / Present city Shanghai / Shanghai
Founded in 2009
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Band members

Guitar+Vocals: G.

Drums, Vocals: Philippe

Bass+Vocals: Yajing

Former band members

Drums+Vocals: Fabien


X is Y a Math Rock band based in Shanghai, composed of G., Fabien and Ben.

The first record was completed at the beginning of 2009 and is available for free at this address: http://download.xisy.fr

You can also follow the activity of X is Y in Shanghai on Myspace at this address: http://www.myspace.com/xisyband or on Facebook at this address: http://facebook.xisy.fr

X is Y is currently working the 2nd album.

Influences: This Heat, Sebadoh, Robert Wyatt, Shannon Wright, Shellac, Codeine, The For Carnation, David Grubbs.


On June 25th, 2011, they performed as part of the Shanghai: The Gathering concert at the VOX bar in Wuhan. According to luwanrock: The evening kicked off with an ‘acoustic’ set by math-rockers, X is Y. With their drummer unable to make it, they used a Casiotone for the beats, expertly played by regular bassist, Yajing, who also handled acoustic percussion duties like a pro. Their set was powerful despite the absence of a live drummer as G sweated through some very emotional quadratic equations and binomials put to song.[1] According to Mr. Fossy: X is Y played first, but they were a strange, truncated X is Y, with the usual intricate drumming replaced by a rather clean and steadfast Casio drum machine. It four-to-the-floor all the way which, as anyone who has listened to them will know, is a huge change from what X is Y normally play. Their distinctive sound was intact though, and they played as well as I’ve ever seen them. (...) As the opening band at a pretty laid-back venue, playing to a small, early-evening audience, X is Y benefited from their creative divergence.[2]

On July 9th, 2011, they performed at the Yuyintang. According to Andy Best[3]:

X is Y have a member on holiday right now and they gamely stepped in at the last minute as a duo. Credit to them, they took creative advantage of this and did something different with the songs. It worked and was a good opener for the show. They also played tracks with female lead vocals, which is new for them and also worked.

On October 1st, they performed at the Yuyintang as support act to Australian band BONE. According to Andy Best:

X is Y had a drummer change and then a summer without the new drummer. They have been playing as a duo and also experimenting with the songs and some new sounds. Tonight they were back with the full line up and usual style. Moody, punchy math rock that is a delight for musicians and genre fans. Nothing has been lost in the change, the new drummer slotted right in.[4]

At the beginning of October, X is Y got interviewed by Rock in China.


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