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Ygtwo.com a Beijing based culture and booking agency


General Information

Ygtwo.com is founded by Beijing's Hutong guru, Jon Campbell and Desmond (vocalist of Black Cat Bone).

Taken from their Website:

Self Introduction

YGTwo means YangGui YaoGun.

YangGui YaoGun – 洋鬼摇滚 – is Chinese for ‘Foreign Devil Rock and Roll’.

Back in the day, it wasn’t enough for Chinese citizens to call foreigners ‘foreigner’. Back then, they called them Foreign Devils. But fair enough: There weren’t so many of them, and they tended to bring with them guns or religion; either way, they tended to do a lot of bossing around of the Chinese. So it’s really no wonder there was a bit of animosity there.

These days, though, times have changed. These days, China is huge. China is hot. China is happening.


While the world goes goo-goo over China’s New Century or China’s New Revolution or whatever the latest headlines are calling it, there are people on the ground who not only know What Is Going On, but who are A Part of It.

YGTwo are those people.


YGTwo is a new kind of Foreign Devil.

YGTwo is about music.

YGTwo is devoted to the music that is going on inside of China. YGTwo is devoted to letting people outside of China know that there is a wealth of music happening inside the Middle Kingdom. Too many people outside of China don’t realize that there is music to be discovered.

YGTwo is devoted to bringing music from around the world into China, because Chinese audiences are eager to hear what is happening musically in the rest of the world.

But YGTwo is also about promoting understanding. That comes in the form of gigs and tours, of writings, or of Master’s Classes; all of which are things in which YGTwo has put together in the past, and will put together again in the future.

Further Information

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