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Yaksa is one of the first new metal / rapcore bands of China and has grown into a fore-frontrunner of metalcore in China. Formed in the 90s in Sichuan they quickly relocated to Beijing, joined the Beijing Midi School of Music and the local underground community. Nowadays Yaksa is one of the few Chinese metal bands that was able to perform on the Wacken Open Air in Germany in 2012.

General information about Yaksa


Yaksa as of 2006

English Name Yaksa
Chinese Name 夜叉 / Yèchā
Genre Metal, Rapcore, Metalcore
Origin / Present city Beijing / Beijing
Founded in 1995
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Band members

Vocals: Hu Song

Guitar: Huang Tao

Guitar: Wang You Jin

Bass: Gao Yu Feng

Drums: Ma Lin

DJ/Sampler: Wang Le (DIRTY-Y)

Former band members

Wang Yue (Bass, later DJ/Sampler)

Li Yu Chuan (Guitar)

Liao Xiang (Drums)

Jiang Jie (Guitar)

Wang Yue (Bass)

Chi Gong Wei (Drums)

Xiao Yang (Guitar)


For the Chinese demon see Yaksha.

Formed under the name Nevermind in Sichuan in 1995 by Hu Song (Vocals), Wang Yue (Bass), Li Yu Chuan (Guitar) and Liao Xiang (Drums), the band changed their name into Yaksa and moved to Beijing in March 1997. At the end of 1998, the following lineup was fixed: Hu Song on vocals, Jiang Jie on guitars, Wang Yue on bass and Chi Gong Wei on the drums.

Yaksa became more and more involved in the underground scene of Beijing until at the end of 1999, it stood out as the representative hardcore band of Beijing.


Yaksa in 2000 by Scream Records

In March 2000, Yaksa signed a contract with Scream Records.

From April 30th until May 1st, Yaksa performed at the 2000 Midi Music Festival.

Later in May, one of Yaksa's songs was recorded and included in the Japanese compilation CD Beijing Scream.

After Xiao Yang (guitars) of the band Black September joined (in addition to a new bass player), Wang Yue switches the bass guitar with the DJ desk.

On October 28th, Yaksa joined the "NO-MASTER" party in Hebei. (further information unknown, who knows more?)

On October 31st, Yaksa performed during another party at the "Open Core Paradise"(translation correct?).

Together with the band Ruins, Yaksa performs at Shanghai's U-Like bar on November 11th.

Finally Yaksa's first album Freedom was released by Scream Records in December. At that time the lineup had been: Hu Song on vocals, Jiang Jie on guitar, Xiao Yang on guitar, a bassist, Chi Gong Wei on drums and Wang Yue as DJ and Sampler.


Yaksa as of 2001, by Scream Records

On January 7th, 2001, Yaksa performed with Twisted Machine during Yaksa's CD release party.

On March 24th, Yaksa performed in Guangdong province's Basketball Gymnasium (translation correct?) during the 美国第五届原創揺滾演唱会 festival.

In May 2001, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2001. In May, the same month as the 2001 Midi Music Festival, Jiang Jie left the band and Li Yu Chuan replaced him.

In December, Yaksa performed in the Lucky Bar for a great Christmas party.


On May 2nd, 2002, Yaksa performed during the Midi Music Festival 2002, winning not only more attention from the audience, but also won confidence in themselves.

On June 22nd, they performed together with the bands Tomahawk and Cankered Corpse at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an.

On September 20th, they joined the Tookoo's 2nd anniversary celebration concert.

On October 31st, they joined the Halloween party at the CD Cafe.

In December, the band's store opened in Beijing's city district "Wu Dao Kou" (五道口).

On December 25th, Yaksa joined the "Happy Night" concert event at the Get Lucky Bar in Beijing.


In the first half of 2003, Xiao Yang left the band.

On June 14th, Yaksa lead the release party of their second album Fa! Fa! Fa!, the Chinese verbalization of the English lyrics "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!". The explicit mentioning of the word "Fuck" is censored in China, so many Chinese bands used similar sounding words and tones on CD covers or in the booklet, but sang the original lyrics anyway on stage.

On October 1st, Yaksa performed during the Midi Music Festival 2003 on the first day of the festival. Huang Tao (guitar) supported the band.

For the Halloween festival, Yaksa again joined the event at the Get Lucky Bar on October 31st.

Both Li Yu Chuan and the bassist (name missing) left the band suddenly. They were replaced by Huangtao on guitar 王友金 (from the band Si Yao Wan) and Wang Zhi Qin on bass.

November 29th, Yaksa performed during Xi'an's Wei Yang Lake Resort Concert together with CMCB, AK 47, Overload and various local acts.


March 19th, they celebrate their 9th anniversary in the New Get Lucky Bar. On March 27th, 2004, Yaksa performed live in Jilin's Changchun 三万英尺 bar. On April 8th, they join the "In memory of Kurt Cobain" concert at the Get Lucky Bar. In August Ma Lin finally joined as drummer. October 4th, they joined the Midi Music Festival 2004 in the Beijing International Sculpture park, playing as the last act on the last day. On December 3rd, they performed during the Zippo Hot Tour 2004 band contest in the New Get Lucky Bar, that included bands from all over China. December 24th and 25th they performed in Shenzhen in the 上歩根拠地 bar and 南山根拠地 bar respectively. On December 28th, they played live in Guangzhou's SOLO Bar. December 31st they joined the New Year's Eve party at the New Get Lucky Bar.


April 16th, 2005, the band held their 10-year-anniversary party at the 13 Club in Beijing. In June, one of Yaksa's songs was included in Tong Su Ge Qu's issue 295. June 18th, they rocked Tianjin's 越野風暴汽車倶 bar. Also in June, Wang Zhi Qin left the band and Gao Yu Feng (bass) joined. Therefore the lineup of Yaksa consisted of: Hu Song (Vocals), Huang Tao (Guitars), Wang You Jin (Guitars), Gao Yu Feng (Bass), Ma Lin (Drums) and Wang Le (DJ/Sampler). In July the compilation "Who is Cui Jian?" was recorded for which Yaksa contributed one song. July 2nd, they performed in the New Get Lucky bar. August 27th, they rocked the 緑色北京-露天音楽節 open air festvial in Beijing. August 31st they performed in the New Get Lucky Bar during the 除旧迎新--為仮唱送終 festival. October 4th, Yaksa performed at the Midi Music Festival 2005 on the last day. October 31st they performed in the New Get Lucky Bar during their Halloween party. December 25th they signed a deal with the 揺滾帝国 (Rock Empire) website.


On January 1st, 2006, Yaksa performed in the 13 Club. March 31st, they performed in the Nameless Highland. On April 8th, they joined the "In memory of Kurt Cobain" concert at the New Get Lucky Bar. On May 1st, they joined the Midi Music Festival 2006 in Beijing. On June 2nd they rocked the Nameless Highland. On July 15th, they held the release party of their new Keep on Fighting EP in the 13 Club. During the concerts 200 limited records with signatures and two additional songs were sold. August 18th they rocked Shanghai's Tanghui bar. September 15th they performed in the Starlive. October 1st they performed during the 首届HZ 13金属音楽節 metal festival in the 13 Club. On October 6th they performed live in Zengcheng (Guangdong province) during the 第五届新塘国際牛仔服装節 festival. October 27th they performed in Tianjin's U-Club during the 行われた“群英会・2006天津原創音楽季 festival. November 15th, they performed in the Starlive, Beijing. December 2nd they performed in the Starlive during the 中国地網五周年音楽盛会2006 concert. December 29th they rocked the 13 Club.


Yaksa on December 22nd 2007, Shanghai, photo by Yoshito Katori

On January 13th, 2007, they performed in Shanghai's Yuyintang. March 23rd they rocked the Nameless Highland. May 2nd, they performed in the Starlive during the Apres Midi. May 4th, they rocked the Midi Music Festival 2007 in the Haidian Park, Beijing. Afterwards, due to a traffic accident, 王友 was unable to perform live for a certain time. July 22nd, they performed at the 世貿天階文化広場. August 12th, they rocked Jinan's 2007第三届中国(国際)吉它文化節 festival. September 15th, they performed in the Starlive. October 2nd, they performed in the 13Club during the Metal Festival 2 (拾参金属音楽節2). November 8th, they performed in Tianjin's 上遊開場 during the 天津第二届原創音楽季 群英会 festival. December 22nd, they performed at Shanghai's 馬克華菲 聖誕狂歓音楽節.


May 16th, 2008, they performed in the Mao during the release party of Ziyo's record The Return. May 23rd, they performed in the Get Lucky Bar during the charity concert for the victims of the SiChuan Earthquake. August 1st, they performed in Yinchuan's 龍門客棧 bar. September 29th, they performed at the 13 Club during the 3rd Metal Festival (第三届13金属音楽節). October 3rd, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2008. December 29th, they rocked the Starlive during the release party for the Midi 2007 DVD.


In 2009, 高旭 (The Way of the Dragon God) (G) and Han Tian (B) joined. On May 3rd, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2009 in Zhenjiang. On June 30th, they rocked the Yugong Yishan.


Yaksa 2010

On January 1st, 2010, they held their release party of their new record You are not the loser in the Starlive, Beijing. January 2nd, they performed in Tianjin's 意庫 during the Fourth Tianjin 届原創 群英会 music festival. On March 24th, they performed in Mianyang's Lowbar. April 16th, they rocked Wuhan's VOX bar. On May 4th, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010. On July 16th, they performed at the Qingyuan Niu Yu Zui Festival 2010.


Yaksa at their 15 years anniversary show with other participating bands, Photo (c) Beijing Daze
Yaksa in 2011

At the beginning of 2011, Yaksa gave an interview to The Beijinger magazine about their past, their present and their future. Amongst the fact revealed that their vocalist Hu Song recently removed his famed dreadlocks, the band was asked to describe themselves in three words, to which they replied:

Responsible, real and original. “Responsibility” is a song of ours. In the beginning, playing rock music was only for fun, but after 15 years, you find out that you are responsible to people who listen to your music and for the ideas you pass on. Maybe we see it too seriously.[1]

On January 8th, 2011, Yaksa held their 15 years anniversary concert in the Yugong Yishan with 10 bands performing and paying tribute to Yaksa. According to Beijing Daze: While there is no denying their talent and professionalism, they just didn’t look like a band enjoying themselves on stage for their big celebration. The few songs I really paid attention sounded stiff and too rehearsed, going through the motions… and that’s the best way to lose me after a few hours of crap sound! In their defense, the rest of the audience was eating it up, jumping up and down and generally looking like they were having a good time moshing, pumping fists in the air…. still, half the audience was outside of the pit safely tucked at the bar.[2] On May 1st, they performed at the Beijing Midi Music Festival 2011. According to Beijing Daze:

Yaksa played one of their better sets to date also, vastly superior to the one at YGYS a few months ago. It was loud, in your face and all but i just can’t seem to be able to get into their brand of Metal. crowd did like them.[3]

In July they released their EP 转山.

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