Yellow Star (EP) (Muma)

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General Information

Artist: Muma
Title: Yellow Star
Release Date: 2003, April
Label: Modern Sky Records
Type: CDDA
Language: Chinese
ISRC: CN-A26-03-0064-0/A.J6

Appearances in Press/Books

  • Mentioned as a "Yaogun classics" in the Insider's Guide to Beijing 2008.

Track Listing

  1. 我失去了她
  2. 爱得像蜜糖
  3. Yellow Star
  4. 方南的丽美
  5. Feifei Run
  6. 伟大的演奏家
  7. 美丽的南方

Further Information

  • There was also a cassette version released. Hereby the tracklist was as follows:
    • A1.我失去了她
    • A2.爱得像蜜糖
    • A3.Yellow Star
    • A4.方南的丽美
    • B1.Feifei Run
    • B2.伟大的演奏家
    • B3.没有错过时间
    • B4.没有声音的房间

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