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Zhang Ying Jazz Group, 张盈爵士小组 a Beijing based Jazz music group

formerly known as If Jazz Trio



occationally: Liu Yuan 刘元 on flute


From several of the country's top Jazz musicians components:

Zhang Ying (singer, composer): graduated from China's top music academy - the Central Conservatory of Music as a master's degree, the famous Chinese female singer and composer, the the teacher of the Communication Universit Of China, Music Department.

Liu Yue (guitar): China famous Jazz bass guitarist, graduated from the Central Conservatory Double Bass professional, a member of the Cui Jian band, spokesman world famous brand Warwick, Beijing midi music school Jazz Guitar teacher;

Xia Jia(keyboard): China talent Jazz Pianist, graduated from the Central Conservatory of command, the United States Institute of Jazz Piano Music Along professional, on of the Cui Jian is band; Beijing midi musi school jazz piano teacher.Huang Yong (bass): China famous Jazz bassist, jazz activities planners, organizers, Beijing midi musi school teacher;

Beibei (drummer): China rare versatile drummer, enjoy high reputation, Cui Jian current band and second-hand Rose Band drummer, the world renowned brand Mapex drum and flown brand Enlarge, drum Hammer brand image spokesman Vic Firth;

Percussion (pleased): young, dynamic percussion hand, adept at Cuba, the Latin percussion music, flute music fans graduated from the Beijing schools, the Cuban Higher Institute of the Arts percussion music professionals.

"Talented Women" ZHANG Ying, the local community over the years has been committed to the creation of jazz, in order to help more Chinese people to understand and love this wonderful jazz music, the more creative the first ZHANG Ying Sir Chinese songs, and integrated into the Jazz, rock, pop, the Acid Jazz, Bossa Nova , Latin, Funk, Hip-Hop, Fusion and other styles, formed its own unique style.

In 2002, ZHANG Ying and famous Jazz guitarist Liu Yue, bass virtuoso Huang Yong formed "If Jazz Trio" in Beijing jazz performances on the week to a warm welcome from the audience, it is now "ZHANG Ying Jazz Group", the predecessor. In 2005, China's famous drummer Beibei also join the group, the first band in Beijing fans flute jazz festival "ZHANG Ying Jazz Group" appeared to Beijing fans brought stylish several songs, with ZHANG Ying delicate emotional singing wonderful band performances to win the scene of a cheering, the same subject to widespread attention in the media, Sina and a number of websites, newspapers have interviewed or reported.

In August 2006, ZHANG Ying Jazz Group was invited to attend the first nine Beijing jazz festival, and invites students returned from the Cuban percussion to join hands with pleasure. In addition to concert their original songs, "Marshall fed", "Sondia", "panacea", "Inside U", "My magic", and she also dedicated band together with the two Chinese and foreign Jazz re-adaptation of the famous song - a song of the Beatles "Let It Be "Chinese folk songs and the adaptation of" re-performed Liuyang River "has aroused strong repercussions among the fans and the warm social concern. An evaluation of the American audience, said: "Sondia's songs moved everyone here. (ZHANG Ying Song infected every scene). " Sohu, the music website and newspapers and magazines have done their reports or pictures interview.

In October, ZHANG Ying Jazz group to Shanghai to attend the Shanghai International Jazz Festival revival, the performance between the audience applause, after the performance, some viewers have found background, please ZHANG Ying signatures photographed. A foreign audience, adults implored the hearts of excitement: "It is too shocking! Your music is very fresh! " Ying Jazz Jazz group use its unique music style, won the fans love, and injected a surge of fresh air for the Chinese local jazz.

Participated Festivals

  • 2007 Ninegates Jazz Festival, Beijing
  • 2006 Beijing Jazz Week
  • 2005 Midi Music Festival
  • 2002 Beijing Jazz Week

Further Information

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