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Photo taken from zhongchimusic.com

Zhong Chi & Band (钟茌, zhong chi), (Shanghai based trip hop/ambient/indie band)



Vocals: Zhong Chi (钟茌)

Guitar: Zhang Wei (张蔚, Blue Garden)

Bass: Chen Qi (陈琦, Blue Garden, Crystal Butterfly)

Keyboard: Jiayang Yixi (嘉洋溢西)

Drums: Chen Song (陈松, Crystal Butterfly)

VJ: Fan (Malysia)


about Zhong Chi

Zhong Chi is a Shanghainese girl who grew up in Denmark under the influence of northern European music. She started to explore the world of music when she turned 18 and met famous Shanghai electro musician, Jiayang Yixi (嘉洋溢西) in 2005. Together, they spent 2 years creating music together. The result of this collaboration is her debut album entitled "Easy World", released at the end of 2007 by SOMA ART (索玛文化). In live performances, she immediately attracted the attention of many of the best musicians to join her on stage. Thanks to VJ Fan, her concert is both an auditory and visual joy.

debut album

"I will stop your crazy work" – Zhong Chi decided to use music to express her concern with environmental and animal protection.When the voice is devoid of sappy romance, without any emotional falsities, we are more easily moved by the power of music. For anyone who has ever led with the heart and soul, "Easy World" brings us more than auditory pleasure: more importantly, this record is Zhong Chi’s personal reflection from traveling in the world. It is like the feeling of being unable to cry but wanting to, or when a person forgets how to smile, or the coming and going of someone that leaves no trace; like a gust of wind. Zhong Chi discovers that nothing in this world will ever change. The only thing she can control is herself. This is not meant to be preachy or haughty, nor is this an embellished romantic cliché; the music simply carries honesty as well as its own temperature; sometimes warm, sometimes cold.

The album "Easy World" was released worldwide on Dec. 21th 2007. Words do not suffice to define and qualify the musical style of this album, which is, after a production period of two years, a testimony to the independent and unique conceptual abilities of independent music company SOMA-ART and producer Jamyam-Yeshe, as well a straightforward expression of the new generation’s attitude towards life.




Further Information

Participant on Midi Music Festival 2008

  • Official Website
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  • Bandpage on Myspace
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  • Email: info@soma-art.cn
  • Contact Phone: 021-62277332 or 62277331

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